Spinners Clash

What is Spinners Clash?

It is a tournament that lasts for 24 hours. It can be activated in the game for a period of 3 days as 24-hour individual Tournaments.

You can only become eligible to participate for it in the first 18 hours. Each tournament is limited to 50 players at a time.

How can I earn tournament points?

You can earn trophies from the reels in the machines by collecting the Special Bonus (including Star Dice, Lotto Bonus and Mega bonus), Level Ups, Sloto Cards and Super Dash. These are subject to change and may be altered in the future.

Spinners Clash

You can check which triggers you can use by clicking on the “!”  button in the upper left corner of the eligibility and leaderboard screen or in the welcome screen.

Spinners Clash 1

Spinners Clash 2

How can I participate?

The first time you log into the game, a welcome screen will inform you what is the minimum TP (Tournament Points) needed to enter the tournament and the triggers that will grant you TP.

Spinners Clash 3

After you earn enough TP you will be eligible to participate in the Tournament. For now, you only need 5 TP to join in.

You can check how many trophies you have by clicking on the Spinners League banner or by clicking on the widget in the machine.

Are the Tournaments available for all machines?

Not yet, Tournaments are currently available on selected machines. Watermarks will be added on the reels on specific machines and a trophy logo indicator will be on the machine logos in the main lobby and in the machines as well – not all machines support the watermark.


What is the Leaderboard ?

The Leaderboard shows all the players that participate in a Tournament at that time and how many trophies they have.

You can also see your rank and the rank of other players. And the most important the rewards for every rank!


How do I know if I am eligible or not?

You can see your status through the lobby banner and the widget on the machines.

When non-eligible players click on the widget, they will not be able to see their rank and the widget is filled up until the user gets the minimum TP.

Eligible players can see their status on the widget that displays their rank.

Spinners Clash 4

You can also check your status by clicking on the lobby banner. Non-eligible players see the message “How?”, which mean they still need to earn more TP, while the eligible players see the message “Go to boards”. Both are clickable and will redirects you to the leaderboard.

Spinners Clash 5

Spinners Clash 6

If you didn’t pass the threshold and the time to enter the Tournament ended, you will see the “Not enough trophies earned to join the tournament” notification through the widget.

Spinners Clash 7

At the end of the tournament, the players that were part of a Leaderboard will get a popup with their Leaderboard rank and reward.

Not all players get rewards. This depends on the rank that you have in the Tournament you take part in:

  • If you are between 1-20 rank, you get rewards
  • If you are between 21-50 rank, you will not get any rewards.

Spinners Clash 8

Spinners Clash 9