Piggy Go Free Dice, Coins and Spins

Collect 10 Daily Piggy Go Free Dice, Coins and Spins

Piggy GoPiggy GO! is the most popular board game for socializing! Roll the dice as your favorite Piggy character to race across the board. Go ahead and attack, steal, and explore new boards in order to collect all of the prizes. 

Choose your fate and go on a global adventure with your friends! Join your Facebook friends and millions of other players from around the world in attacks, famines, and raids to help you build the best city possible!

Build up each new town on your list as you race to be Piggy Go’s first great world traveller. Win the race and take home the dice jackpot! Robbers should be imprisoned! Capture robbers who are attempting to steal your coins on your board. Board Patrol will keep your hard-earned treasures safe from your cute friends and even cuter foes. 

Don’t let them get away with the loot! Gather all of the cards. Roll the dice to win treasure chests filled with coins, dice, and travel cards. Collect all of the cards in the set to win big. Your card set rewards will increase with each new destination you visit.

Blast your friends and steal their treasure with your cannon. As you race around the world, attack their towns to slow them down! Be wary of incoming attacks; roll the dice to earn shields and keep your coins safe. Infiltrate the Vault! 

Break into the vault and claim the super bonus by stealing the key! Take all the coins from the money bags in the bank and flee. With each lucky roll, you can increase your treasure! Travel to Explore the World! Begin your journey around the world.

How to Collect Piggy Go Free Dice, Coins and Spins

Here’s the step-by-step video on how to claim your Piggy Go Free Dice, Coins and Spins

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