Match Master Free Super Spin Booster and Coins

Collect 10 Daily Match Master Free Super Spin Booster and Coins

Match MasterMatch Masters is the first multiplayer match-3 game in the world! Collect stickers, collaborate with others, and demonstrate your abilities to become the ultimate master. Players take turns playing against each other on the same match-3 game board in Match Masters, so they must consider not only the score they will receive from their moves, but also the opportunities it may create for their opponent! 

In this fun online turn-based match-3 competition, you can play live with friends or against opponents from all over the world! Match Masters is a free app that offers a plethora of new and exciting ways to play matching games!

Matching blue stars charges your booster while your opponent collects red circles. Use your booster to score more points, tip the game in your favor, make satisfying comebacks, and score massive combos! Play with one of the 20+ boosters available, each with their own strategy and effect. Play Match Masters live against friends or random opponents in knock-out tournaments to earn trophies, unlock new studios, and compete in the leaderboards against the best players! 

Reach the top of our ever-changing events to win amazing prizes! Match Masters is even more enjoyable when played with friends. Collect stickers and complete our new sticker albums to win HUGE prizes! Choose from fashionable outfits and one-of-a-kind style packs that will impress your opponents!

How to Collect Match Master Free Super Spin Booster and Coins

Here’s the step-by-step video on how to claim your Match Master Free Super Spin Booster and Coins

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