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Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz remains the most well-known digital bingo on the internet up to date. They are famous for fun and easy to play, a game that is free to play. Players can choose to play with friends, play solo, or engage in the fast-paced bingo option. This high action game will help you win trophies and even credits. This classic and elegant bingo game is exciting and played via Facebook with other people across the globe.

When playing the game, you are free to win unique credits, freebies, bonuses, and more prizes. Finding these rewards is super easy now because You’re in the right place to collect Bingo Blitz Free Credits and Bonuses. We have the best system available to help you acquire more power-ups, keys, chests, and other incentives. Our website will expose you to tons of amazing rewards attached to the game and start collecting now below.


To use this Bingo Blitz Free Credits, Click the “Collect Now” Button on the list above, and after that, a new page will come up with the final links that consist of desktop and mobile. Choose the device or platform that you’re using. Credits are always generated in bonuses every time you win a card or find a number. Ensure you see the hours and date when they posted, for example, two hours ago, three days ago, and one week ago.


Bingo Blitz is a Bingo adventure game. It’s a free-to-play social game developed by Playtika. It can be played on PC via Facebook and Microsoft Store. It can also be downloaded on mobile for Android and iOS. Level up to enjoy rewards and prizes. Play with your friends, meet new ones, and Bingo to different cities. Here is an in-depth guide showing you the basics of the game.


Like the traditional Bingo game, you can use up to four cards per game. Game cards will be purchased with Credits before a round starts. The more cards you play, the higher XP earnings and a higher chance to get rewards.


If you play four cards, you could get a shadow card. If you win that shadow card, you get a random item for the city collection. If you were not lucky to win that card, you could purchase another chance to get a shadow card after the game using credits.


Boosting your cards could also earn you more rewards. The higher the boost, the greater the rewards. You also get to spend more credits if you choose bigger boosts. Credit cost also vary depending on which game you choose to play.

Bingo Blitz Free Credits & Bonuses 1

You start with a classic set of cards as default.


Bingo Blitz Free Credits & Bonuses 2

You could unlock this set at level 50


Bingo Blitz Free Credits & Bonuses 3

You could unlock this set at level 20


Bingo Blitz Free Credits & Bonuses 4

You could unlock this set at level 80


Bingo Blitz Free Credits & Bonuses 5

You could unlock this set at level 120


Bingo Blitz has two kinds of game currencies they are credits and coins.


Bingo Blitz Free Credits & Bonuses 6

Credits are used to purchase bingo cards before a game starts. The more bingo cards you use for each game costs more credits. You can get free credits by logging in daily and doing the daily spin.

You can also earn credits by leveling up, playing mini-games before a game starts, and playing bonus games such as Blitzy’s Family Reunion. There are also Bingo Blitz seasonal games, and you can earn a lot of credits when you play those games.


Bingo Blitz Free Credits & Bonuses 7

Coins are the primary currency of the game. You can earn coins by playing a bingo game or betting on a mini-game while waiting for around to start. If you run out of coins, you can purchase coins at the Bingo Store.


Bingo Blitz Free Credits & Bonuses 8

Powerups help you win faster in-game. You can also gain more XP and coins when you get a powerup on your card.

There are ten powerups you can enjoy during the game. They appear randomly according to their rarity.

My favorite is the Wild Daub. It’s the powerup that marks a number with a star. If that number gets called, it’s an instant BINGO.

Bingo Blitz Free Credits & Bonuses 9

If you want an edge over your opponents, make sure you get a Boost. You can get a boost by buying at the store or by leveling up.

If you play a seasonal game, you might get a chance to win a boost.

Here are some advantages you get when you activate a Boost:

  1. Daub Alert – It makes a number from your card blink when you miss marking it for 5 seconds so that you could mark it up. Pretty useful huh!
  2. Double XP – level up faster for each mark on the card.


Join a game by selecting an open city from your homepage. Play games with others. Win faster so you could earn more rewards. You can play 1 to 4 cards in one game. If you get to be included in the Top 3, you can earn extra coins and credits. Make sure to keep playing. You can check the number of active players in each city on the left corner just below your level bar. The game will automatically kick you out from a city if you become idle – this way; the game monitors how many players would join a game.


Bingo Blitz Free Credits & Bonuses 10It would be best if you had a key to unlock a city. You can earn a key when you reach at least two stars in your current city.

Stars will determine your progress for the game’s adventure, and you can earn credits when you complete a city’s collection.

You can earn stars by unfolding unique items from a shadow card when you get a BINGO for it. Each city has various items you need to reveal to complete a collection, and you will earn a star whenever you collect unique items.


Here are some minigames you can play while waiting for the Bingo game to start. You can spend your coins and credits to bet for more enormous rewards. Rewards include XP, Coins, Boosts, and Credits.

Bingo Blitz Free Credits & Bonuses 11