Superior Boost

Get ready to spin your way to glorious rewards!

You can now boost your cards higher than ever before with the new Superior Boost…as well as a chance to win the Glorious Jackpot!

Superior Boost 1

Get a Bingo on all 4 of your cards to spin the Jackpot Wheel for a superior credit reward, as well as a chance at winning the Glorious Jackpot.

Keep playing for an even better jackpot! With every card purchased, you and your fellow players work towards increasing the jackpot reward.

Superior Boost 2

How can I access the Jackpot Wheel?

It’s as easy as one, two, three!

Boost your cards to Superior → Bingo on all 4 cards → Spin the Jackpot Wheel

Superior Boost 3

Where can I find the Superior Boost?

The Superior Boost will be available in all map rooms starting with Sydney, as well as in our featured rooms for any player over level 120.

Elevate your rounds with this exciting new way to play Bingo Blitz!