Daub Alert Boost

Daub Alert Boost is a boost for bingo rounds.

Daub Alert highlights the numbers on your cards that are called during the round.

When you have the chance to BINGO, it will alert you that the card has a valid BINGO… but it won’t actually call BINGO for you.

Daub Alert can be bought from the Store, or received as a reward from Quests or Promotions, and it’s also available as a Bingo Blitz gift.

When it is received, it will activate immediately and be available in all the Bingo Rooms you have access to. After it’s been activated, the countdown timer will start and your Daub Alert time will begin to countdown until the time is up – even if you are not actively in a BINGO game or even logged in.

If Daub Alert is already active on your account and you buy or receive more, the duration will be extended by the amount you’ve received.

To check how much time left you have from your Daub Alert, click on the Boost icon at the top of your screen.

Catalina is the only room that has Daub Alert active at all times.