How to Reset Bingo Blitz Account 2020

You must be having a great desire to get knowledgable on how to reset Bingo Blitz Account. In this article, you will get reliable and correct information on the steps involved in the resetting of the Bingo Blitz Account, just like our other guide on how to reset doubledown casino.

Before we do this, make sure you already log-in to your account that has bingo blitz game on it.
First, Let’s start with the Resetting Bingo Blitz Facebook App on the Desktop.

This is the steps on How to Reset Bingo Blitz Account on Facebook via Desktop.

  • Going to start menu and select settings, just follow the image below.

How to reset bingo blitz account settings

  • Once your’e on the settings, go-to Apps and Website. The apps feature.

Apps and Website Bingo Blitz

  • Now look for the Bingo Blitz App and check the box and click the Remove Button.
    Don’t forget to check the box or else remove button won’t show up.

Bingo Blitz Remove First

Bingo Blitz Remove Final

Easy and simple way on how to reset bingo blitz account on desktop, Please do note that this method will work on Microsoft Store or anytpe of desktop version, as long you are connected to bingo blitz. Now Let’s get into mobile.

Another Steps on How to Reset Bingo Blitz Account on Facebook via Mobile.

Now let’s do it on the mobile version, both works on android and ios operating system.
To reset bingo blitz on mobile. Again you need to follow these easy steps.
Head over to Facebook Application and Locate this small 3 Lines on the right side corner.

How to Reset Bingo Blitz Account 2020 1

After that, scroll down a little bit and look for Settings and Privacy.

How to Reset Bingo Blitz Account 2020 2

Now on this page. Find Apps and Website. Just the same on the desktop.
How to Reset Bingo Blitz Account 2020 3

How to Reset Bingo Blitz Account 2020 4

Please take note that this will 1001% delete your bingo blitz data and all activity. In case the problem is still in place, and there is a need of uninstalling it and reinstalling the downloaded new setup using the present Application stores.

And after that go back and head to Bingo Blitz Facebook Page or directly on Bingo Blitz App.
Now install the game again. Just continue everything with your name and voila! and that’s how to reset bingo blitz on mobile.
You now have a new Bingo Blitz Game on your Facebook Dekstop Account.

In case you are not in the capability of using the method above. That is not the end for you. You may as well consider contacting Bingo Blitz developers as they will assist in the process of resetting the account.

The developers will be controlling account settings for the game, which is outside Facebook. If you wish to reset the Bingo Blitz Account, there is the necessity of contacting developers dealing with Bingo Blitz.

There are a lot of reasons behind the necessity of you to consider resetting the account. You will be starting the conversation by the use of the supporting team, who are the developers. They will assist you in the process of resetting the account.

The procedure of contacting game developers to assist in resetting of Bingo Blitz account.

The procedure of contacting the developers is straightforward.
All you need is clicking on the game and later opening it.
Click on the contact or report icon present on the bottom right corner.
They may be the necessity of providing the supporting team with the user ID to ease the process of resetting the Bing Blitz account.

Finding The User ID to Help in Resetting if Bingo Blitz Account

Opening of the game present on Facebook and clicking the settings.
The icon on settings is present on top rightest corner.
Selection of websites and apps
Scrolling below and acquiring assistance by the use of the app developer Finding the ID from the present paragraph

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