Pirate Kings Free Spins and Coins

Collect 10 Daily Pirate Kings Free Spins and Coins

Pirate KingsPirate King Islands is a fantastically fun, free-to-play, multi-player game in which you spin the most addictive dynamic wheel to win piles of gold coins, raid your Facebook friends’ islands and loot all their money, all in order to…conquer, encounter, and build exotic, beautifully crafted islands! Join the millions of savage pirates from around the world who are already enjoying the Pirate King Islands for free!

Everything is fair in love and pirate games. So it is with the Pirate King. Enjoy brand new swashbuckling adventures and live the pirate life with the excitement of an online multiplayer game. You must master and build your own pirate lands in this social pirate adventure game! 

Become the greatest pirate captain of all your friends! Pirate adventures are even more enjoyable when shared with your friends, so invite them all! Invite your Facebook friends and fellow pirates to the game for even more coins and to join in the fun! This is Pirate Kings, a multiplayer pirate game in which you can play as a friend, dozer, or foe. Will you exact vengeance or show no mercy? It’s the life of a pirate, ah! 

Let’s set sail for new horizons. Lower your sails, load your cannons, and sail the seven seas in pirate style! Get into the spirit of the adventure game and become the richest Pirate King of all time (loot those coins)!

How to Collect Pirate Kings Free Spins and Coins

Here’s the step-by-step video on how to claim your Pirate Kings Free Spins and Coins

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