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DoubleDown Casino Codes Why They Exists?

DoubleDown Casino game provides daily promo codes by posting on their social media fan pages, or you can get them via email. If you’re running out of chips to play just head over to their pages, they give you a promo code and exchange it for chips, once you claim the double down casino codes you cannot use it again. But don’t worry because what we do here is we collect all the doubledown casino promo codes that they provide, and we always make sure that we test those promo codes before posting it here, on our website so that you don’t need to check your email or check their fan page every day. Below is the list of working double down casino promo codes. Remember All Trademarks are the property of respective owners – we do not own them You can visit here if you want to know more.


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What is DoubleDown Casino? Double Casino is a famous free to play an online casino game, but this is not a real money casino or an opportunity for you to win real cash prizes. All double down casino free chips and winnings are paid out in-game currency which means you cannot convert into real money or even cashed it out. This casino game is strictly prohibited for children below 18 years old.  This game is also very known especially on Facebook, and it holds ranks among 100 Top Facebook games. Like most online casino game you can choose what type of scheme you can play. DoubleDown Casino has six different types of gameplay they have Slots, Poker, Bingo, Blackjack, and Roulette. DoubleDown Casino is Legal to play for all countries, and it doesn’t require a deposit to play, like the most online casino game, and you can download it for free on GooglePlay Store and Apple Store, or you can still play the game on Facebook apps. When you start playing the casino game, they welcome you with One Million Free Bonus Chips to enjoy the game you just log into your Facebook account to start. If you don’t like login in your facebook account, You can still play as a guest by clicking this link. DoubleDown Interactive hosts the world’s largest online, non-gambling, casino. At the DoubleDown Casino, players can win huge (virtual currency) playing over 20+ slots, poker, bingo, video poker, and blackjack, as well as participating in slot tournaments. The payouts are generous, the games are social, and visitors can play for FREE every day. DoubleDown Casino is one of the fastest growing casual game applications on the web, and our affiliates both contribute and benefit from that growth. In our program, affiliates members large and small earn commissions for driving game application installs. The app installation is entirely FREE and only requires a Facebook login.

How to use DoubleDown Casino Codes

How to claim on a desktop just head over casino game and click “BUY CHIPS” Button in the upper right corner same the image below.

double down casino codes
The Game Reward

And a window will pop-up you just paste the code into the text box and hit the apply button just follow the picture below.

double down casino codes
The Game Reward

How to claim on mobile devices if you want to use mobile.

On Android device and iOS device, there is no other way to enter a double down casino promo codes, but don’t worry you can still use the promo codes by just click the link we provide here, and it will automatically redirect you to the reward section and automatically added to your account.

How to Join and Claim Double Down Casino Codes for Partner Sites Promo Codes.

Double Down Casino Codes for partner site are only claimable on their official link. Just For example, if Big M Casino provides a promo code you only visit their link and paste the code in the text box because if you stick it on the official double down casino application, it will not work as standard doubledown casino codes. Now Copy the Partner Sites Link Every time you claim your free promo codes, If you are a new user they will ask you about your self, Click the Facebook Connect Button to start, and a pop-up will display and begin to fill up the requirements example image below. Ex: Name, Gender, Email, ZipCode, Note you must put a valid info. After that, you automatically redirected to the doubledown casino game (not the official link), and now this time you can now use partner sites promo codes. To use the promo codes just click Buy Chip Button in the upper right corner and a window will pop-up you just paste the code into the text box and hit the apply button. You can now use another Partner site by doing the same thing. Here’s the list of Double Down Casino Partner Site : Big M Casino, Grand Casino, Harrington Casino, Golden Eagle Casino. Take Note Partner Site are only available on the desktop and not working on mobile devices.

double down casino codes
The Game Reward

DoubleDown Casino loves their player they make a club called “DoubleDown Diamond Club” A loyalty program that rewards you for playing or buying a chip. It consists of six tiers White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red, and Black the more you play, the higher tier you will get. Every color has its reward.
White Club 250,000 – Yellow Club 500,000 – Pink Club 1,000,000 – Blue Club 3,000,000 – Red Club 10,000,000 – Black Club 25,000,000
How to Join Diamond Club? Just Click the diamond icon beside your picture and popup will go out, and you simply enter your email twice and verify it through email and its done.

double down casino codes
The Game Reward

DoubleDown Casino Safety and Tips.

Like most of the online casino game, some people are taking advantage of it because most of the players are old they easily trick into something that’s offering them false rewards. As someone on facebook page provides you a 100 million free chips and double down casino doesn’t offer such thing. As the old saying goes: “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” So if some offers that are giving away an enormous value of Chips you should avoid that one. Those scams and spam have links that they force you to visit them and claim your promising rewards by answering some questions. Or it could be downloading some stuff, just be careful because it might be malware or virus, that can steal your data, access your account or everything from your email to your photos & send out spam to your entire contact list. I guide you on how to identify false rewards and how to report them on Facebook. First, we need to make sure that if someone is offering such massive amount of chips you need to check the facebook page if it is the official one like the image below. The picture below is an official DoubleDown Casino page it has blue verified badge mark, and it has more than 7 million likes.

double down casino codes
The Game Reward

While in the Picture below, this is just a newly created Facebook page even if they use the same image as official fan page they only aim to scam or spam people giving them a false amount of chips.

double down casino codes
The Game Reward

Most of the scammer and spammer they will flood the double down groups you will see them if you are a member or you’ll see them at official double down casino page promoting their BS stuff.

What is the example of scam or spam rewards?

I will provide the list of scam images and scam post, Like in the picture below they force you to like comment and share so that you and your friends can see it if they also play double down casino game.

double down casino codes
The Game Reward

If you have found a page that claims to give you free promotion codes have a look, Here are some tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of Double Down Codes Scams or Spam just check this Checklist.

  • If you forced to like a page to claim the promising rewards, it’s already a scam.
  • If they offered free chips and it looks likes, it’s good to be true or just like 10 million up to 50 million or even 100 Million its already a scam don’t fall for it.
  • If they want you to ask, to follow these steps and you need comment or share, that is no doubts, and it’s a scam.
  • If they pretend to be a Double Down Casino Page and they just recently Joined Facebook and claims to be the real official Double Down Casino, it’s a scam.
  • If you have to Like & Share the page or post which is to be rewarded with the chips, it’s a scam.
  • If you are asked to take a survey before you can access the page or link, it’s a scam.
  • If you are asked to download anything, it’s a scam.
  • If you have to do anything out of the normal to gain reward/chips, it’s a scam.
  • If there is any misspelling of the words “Double Down Casino” in the Facebook page and they claim to be a real double down promo codes page you can bet it’s a scam.

How to Report and Unlike a Fake DoubleDown Promo Codes Facebook Page.

I decided to make this Tutorial since for one, and many people do not know how to unlike pages, and too many people do not realize that Reporting a Fake/Scam Facebook Page and unliking a page are different steps. If you have an offending Double Down Casino Code Facebook page under your Facebook likes you can unlike the page and remove their posts from your timeline which will remove their bogus and offending feeds on your as well. Go to your Timeline page by clicking on your name and click on the more link. You will see a drop-down. Select like button from that list.Next, hover your mouse over the upper right side of each image, and you will see the “like” button appear as well as the drop-down menu. The last option will be “unlike.” Click it to, unlike the offending page.

double down casino codes

double down casino codes

double down casino codes

How to Contact Official DoubleDown Casino

A Reminder:

The Game Reward is a fans site, If you have a game related problem or issues or you want to give feedback to Double Down Casino, you will need to use the support system, or you can contact them directly. But before you submit your concern you can search it by using the search bar. There are four ways to address your concern on double down casino support.

First visit here: their official support sites. If you are a first-time comer, you might need to connect your Facebook account to get in. Just head over to upper right corner, and you will see the sign-in button and window pop-up will come out and click, Sign-in on Facebook and then your good to go and then you can now start to submit a request.

Second, if you are already in the Facebook Application Desktop only you will see a “Need Help” Button Link right below part of the screen you can click it, and a new pop-up window will come out, and now you can start to submit your request.

Third, if you are in a mobile application you can follow the steps
Click the “Settings” link upper right icon and Click the “Help” icon, and a pop-up will load the submit a contact or support page you can now start with filling out each section required and then Submit your ticket.

Fourth, if you are an email enthusiast, you can contact them directly at A reminder that emailing them will take you longer to get a response.

How to submit a request, Just click the “Submit A Request” Link in the upper right corner beside the Sign-in button and you will be redirected to the selection of the types of your issue. Make sure that you provide your real email address that you use to join at the Double Down Casino Game. You can now choose between Technical Issue followed by purchased issue and then submit a feedback or Issue with the promotions and the last part is about Emails.

Once you already have submitted your ticket to their contact support, you will receive a “Contact Created” an email confirmation from DoubleDown Casino Support sent to you using the email address you use to log into the game. This email will include your contact information and the message letting you know their goal is to respond back to you within 12-24 hours. They will also provide a direct link to the ticket where you submitted, and you can now check the status of it. When DoubleDown Casino Support gives a reply, you will then receive another email from Support which will include the outcome of their response to the Ticket you submitted.

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