DoubleDown Casino High Limit Room

doubledown casino higher limit

High Limit Room is a betting setup where you can only enter with a higher set and chips. You need to play selected slots in its lobby for three days or buy a booster package that costs you nine dollars and ninety-nine cents to join this room, up to four hundred ninety-nine and ninety-nine cents.

This DoubleDown Casino High Limit Room is only for the higher rewards.

It will give you a double jackpot from all slots games and give you a higher exclusive bonus from your single spin.

DoubleDown Casino High Limit Room 1

For you to enter, there are two ways to get in.

The first step is to buy a booster package, and you will get in right away or spin slots in the lobby games for three days. Each day it will increase your green circle light meter. On day three, you can now enter the High Limit Room, and you will continue to have access as long as you continue to play slots each day.

If you miss a day of spinning in the casino, the three days will reset. You’ll need to play three more days before you can re access the High Limit Room or use a Booster for instant access.