How to Reset DoubleDown Casino

Good News DoubleDown Casino Enthousaits in this blog post I will teach you on how to reset DoubleDown Casino. I will provide you with knowledge and full information to start playing doubledown casino again.

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I know It’s frustrating when the game suddenly crashes when you’re playing, or you are losing all the chips on your account. Yes, I know, I experience these timely crashes and out of chips too. But don’t worry, you can collect hundreds of thousands of doubledown casino chips for free. Or you can follow this guide on how to reset doubledown casino and fix no this errors. There are two ways of doing this. But first, we will divide this into two different ways of resetting double down casino app. let’s start on desktop and then proceed on mobile.

To take advantage of what DoubleDown Casino has to give you on Facebook. The program requires specific permissions from the account. You need to restore these permissions and might experience errors if something changes in these configurations.

Before we do this, make sure you already log-in to your account that has doubledown casino game on it.

First Let’s start with Reseting DoubleDown Casino Facebook App on desktop.

Now go to on your browser.

On the right corner, you will see this little dropdown button, like a small arrow pointing down, follow the picture below.

How to Reset DoubleDown Casino 1

Now, after that, a menu will pop-up, Now Find Settings Follow the image below.

How to Reset DoubleDown Casino 2

And then click Apps and Website.

How to Reset DoubleDown Casino 3

When you’re on the Apps and Website page, look for DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots. Now, if you don’t see the app click the Show All button, make sure you switch the expired tab into the active, or you can use the search bar for easy and convenient searching.

Now follow this procedure. If you saw the app on active, follow the image below, and if you didn’t see the “DoubleDown Casino – Vegas Slots” App, click the Expired Section. Now check the button first and then click remove.

How to Reset DoubleDown Casino 4

And after that go back and head to DoubleDown Casino Page or DoubleDown Casino App.
Now install the game again. Just continue everything with your name and voila! and that’s how to reset doubledown casino on desktop.
You now have a new DoubleDown Casino Game on your Facebook Dekstop Account.

Now let’s do it on the mobile version, both works on android and ios operating system.
To reset doubledown casino on mobile. Again you need to follow these easy steps.
Head over to Facebook Application and Locate this small 3 Lines on the right side corner.

How to Reset DoubleDown Casino 5

After that, scroll down a little bit and look for Settings and Privacy.

How to Reset DoubleDown Casino 6

Now on this page. Find Apps and Website. Just the same on the desktop.
How to Reset DoubleDown Casino 7

How to Reset DoubleDown Casino 8

Click on it and find “DoubleDown Casino – Vegas Slots” Now click it and Remove. And that’s how to reset doubledown casino on Mobile. Super Easy!

Please be advised You may see two apps for this, that’s named DoubleDown Casino – Vegas Slots, and DoubleDown Casino without a Vegas Slots. That means you’ve played the older version of the app and the newest release version of the app. The two are similar when it comes to data, but don’t worry, Choose the name with vegas slots. And that’s it, the proper way of resetting doubledown casino app.

When everything is correct, and you install the double down casino application correctly.
You can now claim 1 million free chips as welcome members again.

If you’re having trouble again on the game, or you have any game-related concerns, you can visit the official doubledown casino support centre. Email them by using the chat support with your log-in id or name on the game.