Lost Account

Lost Account?

No worries! Here are a few simple steps that will help you get it back  in no time!

If you find yourself logged into a new account, there are two options that can help you get back to the old one:

New Guest Account:

Access Main Menu (top left corner of the main screen)  >>> select the “Connect” option from the list >>> choose the method you want to use to log in;

Another account: Access Main Menu >>> scroll down until you find the “Logout” option >>> log back in using the correct username and password ;

Access your old Guest account: Access Main Menu >>> scroll down until you find the “Log out” option >>> select “Play as Guest”.

Make sure your username and password are correct. If you don’t remember your password, there are a few easy steps you can follow:

Click “Already registered?” >>> “Login” >>> “Email” >>> ” Forgot password?” – this will send an email that will help you set up a new password in no time!

Lost Account 1

If you linked your account to a Facebook profile, please make sure to login using the “Connect with Facebook” option:

Lost Account 2

The game will connect you to the Facebook profile found in your device’s settings, or the one which you are connected to on the browser used.

If you are using multiple Facebook profiles on the same device, please make sure to check this detail before logging in.

Please remember to choose the “Already registered? Log in” option every time you want to log into an existing account:

Lost Account 3

Still unable to find the old progress? Contact our Support Team, and they will be more than happy to check and assist you further!