Daily Fortune

Daily Fortune Welcomes You and Dough!

Daily Fortune 1

Join him, and dive together into a whole new adventure. Doug is here to help you spin a fortune every single day. Lucky you!

Come back every day to collect your Daily Credits and Daily Coins and spin the wheel for amazing credit and power-up prizes.

If you’re a PLUS Member, you even get two wheels in one. How cool is that!

Daily Fortune 2

And here’s the best part.

Collect your Bonus daily and get a lucky reward at the end of every week and an extra special Grand Reward when you complete all four weeks!

Daily Fortune 3

And you never have to worry about losing your progress.

Even if you miss a day your overall progress towards the Grand Reward will not be reset, just the progress for the week.

Don’t forget to click on Doug for a fun fact or a joke to put a smile on your face!

Good luck, Blitzers!