Free Rounds

Free Rounds are still here, alas a bit different.

Previously, when achieving a free round, you received a discount of Classic Boost value credits from your next round.

For example, if the Classic Boost was 60 credits, but you wanted to play a single round worth 240 credits, you only had to spend 180.

But after thinking more about it, we’ve decided it should be up to you how and where to spend your credits!

Free Rounds

When filling the gift box, you are now rewarded with credits, instead of the Free Round discount.

The number of credits will represent the cost of 4 cards in the Classic boost. Of course, this amount can vary from room to room!

Isn’t this fantastic?

You can now use your credits to advance in your Bingo Blitz journey, using the credits in any room of your choice or even to help another player!

Happy daubing, Blitzers!