Daily Quests

We’re all about making a good thing even better, so say Hello to all new and improved Quests!

Here’s how it works. Click on the Quests icon on the bottom right side of your screen.

Daily Quests 1

Once the Quests widget opens, choose the Daily Quests tab.

Pick a Quest to play and make sure to pay attention to time available!

All Quests reset after the timer runs out.

Daily Quests 2 Daily Quests 3

Once you complete the requirement of the Quest, you will be awarded Quest Points.

The more Points you collect, the faster you will complete a Milestone!

Daily Quests 4

Once the meter is full and you’ve gathered all the points necessary, you can go ahead and claim the reward in the Rewards tab.

If you’re a PLUS member, you have even more rewards to enjoy.

Daily Quests 5

Daily Quests 6

Complete each Milestone and move on to the next one for even greater prizes.

Pretty easy, right? Make sure to join the fun every day and collect your rewards.