You’ll notice right away when entering your map that it’s now horizontal.

This lets you see more of the map than before and lets you swipe to move – making map travel more comfortable, especially on mobile!


In the new design, it’s easier than ever to track Map Milestones!

Milestones now come in palatable Islands of 4 to 5 rooms, with each Island representing a Milestone.

Between each Island is a raised drawbridge that only lowers once you’re ready to progress to unlock the next clouded Island on your map!

Lobby 1

Lobby 2

As soon as you complete your current Island, the drawbridge goes down, the clouds make room for blue skies, and you can move on!

Lobby 3

Traveler’s Tip: Check out the Gift Box on each Island!

These hold rewards for your completed Milestones, waiting for you neatly wrapped and with a bow!

Once you make it through an Island and collect all your rewards, your Gift Box will turn into a flag!

This way you can be certain you’ve completed that Milestone and collected all it has available.

Lobby 4

Accessing your favorite features has never been easier!

Keep your Blitz Buds close with your Friend Center and Bingo Teams, both found in the lower-left corner of your Lobby.

Lobby 5 Lobby 6

You can find even more fun stuff on the bottom right side of your screen.

Here, direct access to your Events, Quests, and Chef Feature lies at the tip of your fingers!

Lobby 7
Lobby 8
Lobby 9

Got carried away on your map? Your tour guide Blitzy is here to help!

Simply click him to travel back to your first Island or far to your last, he’s always around if you need.

Lobby 10

So, what’s going on at the top of your map?

Find your Profile by clicking the icon on the top left:

Lobby 11

In the mood to shop or browse the store?

See how many Credits, Coins, Power-Ups, and Boosters you have next to each of their coordinating icons at the top of your screen.

Clicking on any of these will take you to the Bingo Store, where you’ll surely find a BINGO of an offer!

Lobby 12

Lobby 13

Lobby 14

Lobby 15

At the top right of your screen, you’ll find your Bingo Bank, Daily Spin, and Gift Center.

Your Piggy Bank collects Credits until its belly is filled and you can smash it open to claim what’s inside!

Lobby 16

Your Daily Spin is a free bonus you get every day you enter the game. Spin the wheel to reveal your gift!

Lobby 17
Your Gift Center is a spot to collect gifts from us, your Blitz Buds, and Blitzy or his friends!
Lobby 18

To keep confusion at bay, we’ve put all necessary actions in your menu!

Find the Main Menu button in the upper right corner of your Lobby.