Bingo Blitz Store

Welcome to the Bingo Store!

Here you can find special offers for extra credits, power-ups, coins, and even boosts!

How to access it?

The Bingo Store can be accessed by clicking/tapping one of the orange squares, next to your balance:

Bingo Blitz Store

Each currency will take you to the shortest route to the offers you can find in our game.

You can find special packs and promotions, some Daub Alert boost, or even special boosts for the fun Seasonal Rooms!

If you find yourself in one part of the store, you can always switch fast through all the options, in the lower part of the screen:

Bingo Blitz Store 1

Each of the categories will have its own currency, for the smoothest experience when looking for one of our offers:

The Credits store:

Here you will find the packs that bring you credits for playing, ingredient baskets, and even Daub Alert boost!

Keep an eye on this part of the store! As you will find many special offers available from time to time, themed baskets, and more!

The Coins store:

If you find yourself short on coins, and really want to help the monkey shake the tree before the round, this part of the store is for you!

Here you can find coin packs to use in multiple parts of our game!

The Power-Ups store:

In this part of the store you will find the option to buy Power Up packs with in-game coins (they will be given to you randomly) whenever you find yourself short of a Power-Up or two, and other packs that will have higher chances to get you special Power Ups, such as Triple Daubs!

The Boosts store:

Whenever you need a little in-round help, you can find here different offers for Daub Alert.

Also, don’t forget to check the special boosts that can only be used in the Seasonal Rooms!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that you will find the perfect offer for you!