What are Boosters?

Boosters are special features that can improve a Bonus game or enhance your gameplay for a certain amount of time.

Here are the main boosters:

  • Star Dice → Boosts the Special Bonus
  • Level Boom → Boosts your Level Up
  • Mega Bonanza → Boosts the wedges on the Mega Bonus wheel
  • Turbo
  • 1 Hour Power

Boosters can be purchased from the Sloto Store or won in various promotions.

You can choose whether you want a booster to be active for 3 or 7 days whenever you purchase it.


Like any other purchase, it will award Club points, Sloto Cards, Gift Cards, etc.

However, no Stamps will be awarded (since no amount of coins is involved in the transaction).

The boosters can be stacked, meaning that if a booster is already active and a new one is purchased/received, the activity period will be extended.


Star Dice

As the name suggests, it comes in the form of a dice. While Star Dice is active, it replaces the usual Special Bonus.

Boosters 1

Once the Special Bonus is pressed-to-collect, a die will roll.

The die has marks from 1 to 6 on it and the number the dice lands on will be the multiplier

applied to the Special Bonus.

1 is represented by a star & landing on it offers a multiplier of x100 your Special Bonus!


Boosters 2

Level Boom

It boosts the Level Up bonus as follows:

  • x2 for regular levels
  • x30 for levels ending in 0

While the Level Boom booster is active, the Level Up bar becomes golden, and the remaining activity period is also displayed in real-time:

Boosters 3

When the Level Up bonus is collected, the coin reward is also marked with x2/x30 depending on the level you reached:

Boosters 4

Mega Bonanza

This booster multiplies the Mega Bonus wheel’s wedges x2.

Once the Mega Bonanza is purchased/received, it will be applied right away and the first collected Mega Bonus will be boosted.

While the booster is active, a permanent banner will be displayed in the Lobby next to the Special/Mega/Lotto bonus wedge, along with the remaining activity period:

Boosters 5 Boosters 6 Boosters 7

Once the time to collect the Mega Bonus comes, the player will be notified of the multipliers in the Wheel room as well:

Boosters 8

Boosters 9



Turbo shortens the cooldown for collecting Lobby Bonuses in half, meaning that if the timer is set to 3 hours, it will become available every 1.5 hours (90 minutes).


1 Hour Power

Make any purchase to activate 1 Hour Power & collect Special Bonuses every 1 hour instead of 3 for a whole week!

The 1 Hour Power timer will not be extended for another 7 days, if you make another purchase before the initial 7 days expire.

You can get another 7 days of 1 Hour Power for making another purchase only after its timer expires.

You can combine both Turbo & 1 Hour Power!

If you have the 1 Hour Power booster active while making a purchase, Turbo will kick in as well, & your Special Bonus will be available to collect every 0.5 hours (30 minutes).