Sloto Heroes Album

What is Sloto Heroes Album

A new Sloto Cards Album in which every card has its own Shiny version – you can turn your whole sloto heroes album shiny!

It is composed of 190 cards in 19 sets.

All sets are unlocked from the beginning & there are 3 Hero sets.

Sloto Heroes

What is Shiny Wild?

It is a wild card that gets both ordinary & shiny version of a card at the same time.


Where can I get a Shiny Wild Card?

You can get a Shiny Wild by completing any Hero sets (sets 3, 6 and 16) and from special promotions.


How many times can I re complete the Album?

You win a reward for completing the album in its ordinary version & another reward for completing every shiny card.

However, there is no reward for the 2nd regular album recompilation.

Once you finish your first ordinary version of the Album, the Shiny cards & sets will automatically continue with you to the next cycle.