Clans Mascot

What is the Clans Mascot and how do I play?

It’s a special feature during which a Clans Mascot will join your clan to cheer & support you.

In order to become a true member of your clan, the Mascot will need 5 clothing items to make him a full Sloto Clan suit.

Get them by earning Energy Points with the help of your clan and win amazing prizes together!

Where do I find the Mascot?

The Mascot will be available in the Clan, where it now has its own section.

You can check the items you have already collected, and how many Energy Points you still need in order to win the next clothing item.

Clans Mascot

How do I win Energy Points?

This is where you can display the power of your clan: win Energy Points by completing challenges and activities together.

Win the Clan Key for the week, complete Collective Clan Challenges, trade with each other in the Clan (eg. SlotoCards) and reach higher clan chests thresholds; being in the top 5 Clans in the Clans Super Cup will also win you points.

All these sources will award Energy Points and help you gear up your Mascot.

What are the clothing upgrades?

Make your mascot look even more dashing by upgrading the clothing items with Gems!

Any clan member can choose to upgrade on behalf of the clan.

The upgrades will not affect the rewards.


Will the Mascot and the clothing items be permanent?

The Mascot is a temporary feature, it will reset.

The next time Marnie the Mascot will return, new items and rewards will be available.