Lobby Bonuses

What are Lobby Bonuses?

Lobby Bonuses are mini-games that you can collect or play to get free coins: Special Bonus, Mega Bonus, and Lotto Bonus.

You can also pay to upgrade some of the mini-games into deluxe versions with bigger prizes:

  • Golden Spin on top of Mega Bonus
  • Lotto Bonus Premium on top of Lotto Bonus

What is the Special Bonus?

The Special Bonus is the main Lobby Bonus in the game – It’s value is calculated based on your personal level & tier.
You can collect your Special Bonus every 3 hours – Once you do, a 3-hour cool-down timer will appear.

When making a purchase, the cool-down period will be reduced to 1 hour for 7 days. This is known as “1 Hour Power”.

In case the Turbo promo is live, the cool-down timer will be reduced by half:

  • 1h 30 min (instead of 3 hours) if no purchase was made within the last 7 days
  • 30 minutes (instead of 1 hour )if a purchase was made

Multiple Special Bonuses cannot be stacked.

Lobby Bonuses

What is the Mega Bonus?

The Mega Bonus is the second type of Lobby Bonus. It can be retrieved after collecting the Special Bonus 4 times in a row.

It is not necessary for the Special Bonuses to be collected in a certain time span, so either if they were to be collected in a span of 4 days or 24 hours, you would still receive 1 Mega Bonus.

Collecting 3 Special Bonuses and 1 Lotto will also count towards the Mega Bonus.

Once the previous Special Bonus or Lotto was collected, you will still have to wait for the cool-down period to pass before collecting the Mega Bonus.

The Mega Bonus consist of a mini-game where you can spin a wheel with different colored wedges on it.

The biggest coin prizes are the White and Black wedges:

  • White Wedge – your Special Bonus x50
  • Black Wedge – your Special Bonus x100

All the wedges can be doubled by using the Mega Bonanza Booster.

Lobby Bonuses 1

When the wheel mini-game is played, the wedge bonus can be increased by two extra multipliers: the Friends Bonus and the TRS Bonus.

In order to be eligible for the friends bonus, it is necessary to have given the app access to the Facebook Friends List and to have at least 5 Facebook friends.

The Friends Bonus for can increase the Mega Bonus payout by up to 30% and is calculated as follows:

  • between 0 – 5 friends → bonus= 0
  • between 6 – 10 → bonus= 10%
  • between 11 – 15 → bonus= 15%
  • between 16 – 20 → bonus=20%
  • between 21 – 999 999 → bonus= 30%

The TRS bonus will depend on the rewards status:

  • Bronze 10%
  • Silver 15%
  • Gold 30%
  • Platinum 50%
  • Diamond 60%
  • Royal Diamond 100%
  • Black Diamond ?%

After collecting the Mega Bonus, you can choose to purchase the Golden Spin.


What is the Golden Spin?

The Golden Spin is an upgraded, pay-to-play version of the Mega Bonus that can be purchased immediately after playing the Mega Bonus mini game.

Golden Spin’s wedges are multiplied + two of the wedges offer extra prizes.

You get 3 wheel options to choose from – a higher price means bigger multipliers on the wedges:

Lobby Bonuses 2

The Golden Spin’s Friends Bonus is calculated based on the friends number as follows:

  • between 1 – 2 friends → bonus =0
  • between 3 – 7 → bonus= 5%
  • between 8 – 10 → bonus= 10%
  • between 11 – 12 → bonus= 20%
  • between 13 – 999 9999 → bonus= 50%

If the Black Wedge is not won after purchasing the Golden Spin, another Black Wedge will be added to the Golden Spin wheel for next time.

Once any Black Wedge is won, the wheel will reset to having 1 Black wedge.


What is the Lotto Bonus?

Lotto Bonus is the rarest Lobby Bonus and it rewards constant and prolonged activity in the game.

If at least one lobby bonus was collected for 3 consecutive days, Lotto Bonus can be collected on the 4th day.

If one day is skipped, the Lotto Bonus counter will reset back to 4 days.

Lobby Bonuses 3

The Lotto Bonus is a mini-game hosted by Lucy, and features 20 Lotto balls with 8 available multipliers.

Once the lotto balls are shuffled, the lotto machine pulls a ball with a multiplier, that will be applied to the Special Bonus.

A Rewards Status bonus is also awarded depending on your status:

Lobby Bonuses 4

Lobby Bonuses 5

Aside from the coin prize, one 1-star Ace pack is also awarded for collecting the Lotto Bonus when a Sloto Card album is live.

After playing the Lotto Bonus mini-game, you can choose to purchase Lotto Bonus Premium.


What is Lotto Bonus Premium?

Lotto Bonus Premium is the pay-to-play version of the Lotto Bonus.

The multipliers available for Lotto Premium are significantly higher than the ones in Lotto Bonus.

Lotto Premium rewards you with 3 multiplier balls per shuffle instead of 1.

Similar to Golden Spin, you get 3 options to choose from –  a higher price means bigger ball multipliers:

Lobby Bonuses 6

As in the regular Lotto, the player needs to click on Shuffle and then wait for the 3 balls to fall:

Lobby Bonuses 7

Lobby Bonuses 8

Lobby Bonuses 9

Just like for Lotto Bonus, an extra ‘Status Bonus Rewards’ will be awarded.

No Ace pack will be awarded for collecting the Lotto Premium; however, a standard Sloto Cards pack will be awarded for making a purchase.

Other benefits such as Stamps, Club Points and 1 Hour Power are also awarded for this type of purchase.