Gift Section

What is the Gift Section?

The Gift Section is a place that stores your gifts, coupons, mini games & prizes!

Where can I find my Gift Section?

You can find your Gift Section on the lower part of the game lobby.

Gift Section

What can I find in the Gift Section?

When you open your Gift Section, you will see that there are 2 categories “Collect” and “Send”:

In the “Collect” section you can collect your gifts! It is divided into the following categories, depending on what you have to collect:

  • Coin Gifts – where you can collect the Lucy Bonus and your coin gifts from friends
  • Mini Games – here you have your Ballinko Games, Bonus Manias and Roar to Score
  • Gift Cards – collect your coin gifts from your friends purchase
  • Mystery Gifts – here you receive the Mystery Gifts sent by your friends
  • Coupons – where you can collect your coupons
  • Customer Support – where you can collect the gifts from Customer Support
  • More Gifts – other Gifts

In the “Send” section you can send gifts to your friends:

  • Free Coins – You can send one daily coin gift per friend
  • Mystery Gift – 10 gifts can be sent per day: your friends can choose between 3 different types of Coin boxes
  • Sloto Cards –5 cards can be sent per day –send duplicate cards you own to your friends


Can I collect multiple gifts at the same time?

You can collect all of your coin gifts with the help of the Collect All button, that can be unlocked by making a purchase. The button will be active for 7 days and the timer will start right after your purchase goes through.

After becoming a Platinum Status player, the Collect All button will be permanently available for you.

There is no other method to activate the Collect All option – please keep in mind that using any bots, applications or methods advertised anywhere else but, in the game, might result in you losing all your gifts and we cannot be responsible for such incidents.

Do my gifts expire?

All gifts expire after some time. Some expire sooner, other later.
It is recommended to collect your gifts as soon as possible.


How many gifts can I hold in my Gift Section?

You can hold as many gifts as you want in your Gift Section, however, you can only see 100 maximum at a time. If you have a gift that is not shown, collect some of them and you should be able to see it after.


Why am I not receiving gifts from friends?

Please make sure that your game account is connected to your Facebook account and that you have your friends list enabled from the Facebook settings.

To enable your in-game friends list, open your game, click on your Gift Section and accept the “More Friends = More Gifts” permission.

Gift Section 1

If you already did this before, go to Facebook -> Settings -> Apps and Websites -> Slotomania Slot Machines -> View and Edit and remove the “Friends” permission.

Gift Section 2

Gift Section 3

Gift Section 4

Gift Section 5

Gift Section 6

After removing it, go back to the game and accept it again.



Facebook does not delete old notifications and the notification you may be seeing is for a gift that has already been collected.

Only the number shown within the app (in the ‘collect gifts’ tab) represents the actual number of gifts available to you.