Sloto Quest

I was playing Free Spins in the Sloto Quest and I was moved to the next machine.

Why didn’t I get to play the rest of my Free Spins?

Free Spins will stop once the challenge gets completed, the goal is to finish the tasks and your Bonuses or Free Spins will get interrupted once the last task is completed.

Sloto Quest

I won Free Spins/a Bonus round in the X machine in the Quest and didn’t find them when the Quest ended, how do I get it back?

The machines from the Quest will not have the saved bonuses and Free Spins that you got in the regular lobby machines.

The same goes for the regular machines, triggered bonuses and Free Spins in the Quest will only be found in the next Sloto Quest when playing the same machines.


The meter is not registering my progress.

Make sure you are familiar with the task and if you feel like you have completed the requirement with it not registering, contact Support.