Personal Profile

  • What is the Personal Profile

The Personal Profile is a feature that allows you to check your stash of promotional items, Clan info, Level and Tier all in one place.
It also includes a link towards this page (Contact Support).

Personal Profile
  • How does it work?
In order to access your Personal Profile, click on the Avatar image in the upper left corner.
You will have two sections in your profile: the left side Menu and the right side Menu.
You will find general info about your account in the left side menu: Tier, Level and the Clan you have joined.
In the right side Menu, you will find your Stash and the Contact Support link.
  • The Stash
This feature helps you check the items you have collected from 5 promotions and have remained unused.
The 5 promotions and items that can be checked for each are:
  • Snakes and Ladders – check remaining Dice Rolls;
  • Sloto Tales – check Sloto Tales Spins;
  • Private Eye – check Hints;
  • Blast – check Extra Picks;
  • Holey Moley – check Extra Tickets.
You will also be able to purchase multiple item types from the Cocktail.
Personal Offer from now on even if the respective promotions are not available in the game.
These items will be added to your stash and you will be able to use them as soon as the promos go live.