Wheel of Stars

  • Why do I need to exchange more for the new Wheel of Stars now?

The Wheel of Stars value of the Cards has changed, which means that now you can fill up the Bar faster by using less Cards!

Card Stars now have the following value for the Wheel of Stars:

Wheel of Stars

  • Where are the 3 wheels? How do I choose which one to spin?

The wheels now share the same bar and you can fill it up with Stars until the wheel you want to play gets highlighted:

Wheel of Stars 1

Clicking on each wheel will tell you the maximum prize you can get from it. This amount does not include what you could get extra from the Super Star.

  • Where do I find my total value of Stars?

The total amount of remaining Stars you have is shown above the bar, the number is calculated for the new star value.

Wheel of Stars 2

  • What is the Super Star Wheel?

By choosing to exchange Aces, Gold and/or Shiny Cards you can both fill your bar & activate the Super Star Wheel.

You will see how many Super Star Cards you need to exchange in order to activate it.

The Super Star Wheel gives extra prizes on top of the bar’s Prize Wheels.

The coin amounts on the Wedges will be 30% bigger and you may get an extra item with your spin!

Wheel of Stars 3

Wheel of Stars 4

Wheel of Stars 5