Snakes Ladders

  • Snakes Ladders How does it work?

The Snakes Ladders progress bar appears in all Slotomania Machines, and increases with every spin.

Once the bar is completely full, you receive 4 dice rolls and can go to the unlocked Snakes & Ladders board to roll it.

If you don’t wish to roll the dice right away, you can choose to save it for later, and continue playing.

Up to 20 rolls can be saved at a time, so once the maximum number of rolls is reached – you will not be able to accumulate any more rolls.


  • What prizes can I win?

When playing Snakes and Ladders, you can win various surprises and prizes:

Upon landing on a question mark, you can win any of the following surprises:

  • A Coin prize
  • An extra dice roll
  • Gems
  • A bigger board completion prize (Board prize gets bigger)

Upon completing a board, you win a great Coin prize.

Upon completing ALL boards, you win a huge Coin Prize and Sloto Cards, typically this is a 4 star/5 star Ace Pack.

The higher you bet, the faster the progress bar fills up but only until a certain threshold! You can fill the bar at most with 4% at a time.

Snakes & Ladders

A Snakes & Ladders Board

When landing on a ladder, you climb up.

When landing on the top of a snake, you slide down.

Snakes Ladders 1

Board Map

Snakes Ladders 2