My Guardian Friend

What is My Guardian Friend?

My Guardian Friend is a new feature that is all about Slotomania’s new character – Aurora!

She unlocks special abilities that enhance your gameplay and give you more benefits as you play the reels.

She also has an amazing new Jackpot Wheel for you to spin & win!

My Guardian Friend

How do I enjoy these special abilities?

All you need to do is to feed your Guardian Friend with her favorite Treats.

You can get them by leveling up, completing Dashes & from making purchases.

Aurora’s icon (located on the left side of the reels in any machine) will indicate if she’s active or not.

Once she is active, it shows how many spins you’ve got left before she asks to be fed again.

My Guardian Friend 1

What are her special abilities?

The first ability gives you a chance to turn dead spins into winning ones. This means that Aurora will randomly give you a bet give-back after a non-winning spin.

The second ability will unlock once you’ve leveled up Aurora to level 5. Once unlocked & Aurora is active, some of your Big\Mega Wins will be multiplied!

My Guardian Friend 2

How does Aurora’s level-up work?

Each level holds a few milestones (feed Aurora with treats to progress on the bar and complete milestones).

The last milestone will level up Aurora & let you to spin the Jackpot Wheel! The more she is leveled up, the longer her abilities last.


The Bar reset

Aurora can be leveled up – you have 7 days to level her up & enjoy the amazing Jackpot Wheel!

In case you don’t feed her on time, her level bar will reset, and the Treats you own will be gone.

Make sure you pay attention to the bar and that you feed Aurora on time before time runs out!


Jackpot Wheel

You will spin the Jackpot Wheel each time you level up your Guardian Friend. You’ll win amazing prizes once you do.

If you don’t hit on a Jackpot Wedge, Aurora will add a new Jackpot Wedge to the wheel, giving you better odds to hit a Jackpot the next time you play her Jackpot Wheel.

Level up Aurora to the max (level 10) to enjoy the Jackpot Wheel’s best form!

My Guardian Friend 3