Buddy Guard

What is Buddy Guard?

Buddy Guard is a new feature that will help you get more prizes.

Buddy is appointed by Lucy to guard a safe full of rewards until she comes back.

The safe is practically yours – all you need to do is keep Buddy awake by getting him Honey Pots to stay on guard. Once you succeed, sweet rewards are on your way!

Buddy Guard

How do I get Honey Pots and how do I know when Buddy is awake or asleep?

Spin in any game to fill Honey Pots. Buddy’s widget will be your indicator for everything you need:

  • A minimum bet is required.
  • The higher the bet, the faster you progress.
  • After you fill up the bar, Buddy gets 1 Honey Pot to protect the prize for future Mole Raids.

Keep Buddy awake, do not let him sleep!

Buddy Guard 1 Buddy Guard 2

What are Mole Raids?

A raid is when the Mole appears randomly and tries try and steal some of your prizes.

While playing, you will receive a “Code Red” pop-up that will indicate the countdown timer. This will let you know when the mole is about to raid your Safe.

Buddy Guard 3

What happens if you do not have a Honey Pot?

If you do not have a Honey Pot, Buddy has no way to protect the safe and the prize is in danger.

The mole will steal some of the rewards from the safe while Buddy is asleep. In each raid the prizes are stolen gradually and with varying intensity.

One Honey Pot will protect the safe from One Mole Raid

Buddy Guard 4

Is there a limit on how many Honey Pots you can get?

There is no limit for the number of Honey Pots you can get for Buddy and the remaining Honey Pots will be turned into a coins offer.


What rewards can you get from the safe?

You can get up to 3 different prizes each time. This includes Coins, Sloto Cards, Game Manias, Boosters, Blast Picks or Private Eye Hints.


What is “Fast Honey”?

You can use gems to get “Fast Honey” and get honey twice as fast for X spins.

You can activate it from the arena and raid screen whenever you want, as long as it’s not already active.


What happens while I am not playing the game?

The mole can still steal your prizes even if you are away from the game!

Activate your PUSH notifications on your device to get an alert whenever Buddy is out of Honey Pots or an incoming Mole Raid.

When you re-enter the game, you will receive an update about what happened while you were away.


What happens if the mole stole my prizes?

If the mole stole some prizes, you will win the remaining prizes when Lucy comes back.

If you failed in protecting the prize and the safe is empty, you will not win any prize.

Remember! One Honey Pot protects you against one Mole raid.