Blast Game

  •  What is the Blast Game and how I access it? 

Get ready to Blast away with Slotomania’s seasonal feature! Collect the current in game item at random spins to fill the meter.

You can enter ANY slot machine in the lobby and will see the progress bar with a tool tip each time the progress bar is empty. Increase the bet for better chances!

The in game items are collected randomly, appearing on the center of the slot and flying to the progress bar and increments it.

Once you finish the progression, you will be eligible to play the mini game.

Blast Game

  • What are the prizes behind the picks?

Behind the picks you can find:

o A Blast symbol (only 1 Blast in every board)

o Coin prize

o An empty pick

If you find the Blast symbol, you will be able to move on to the next board.


  • How many boards are there?

There is a total of 4 boards. If you will complete all 4 boards (find 4 Blasts) you will win a cool prize!

  • How can I get more Picks?

You will be able to obtain Extra Picks from all payment pages (PP, Piggy, Spring Blast special PO, Golden Spin, Lotto Bonus Premium) and from the PO.

In addition, we will give you special offers with high amount of Extra Picks.

Blast Game 1

  • The Blast is over and my Extra Picks disappeared, what do I do?

The Extra Picks left unused do not disappear, you will find all of them there when the next Blast starts.


  • Why is my Blast meter filling up so slowly?

Your bet amounts are registering, however, the Blast meter hasn’t filled up since you didn’t pace enough bets to unlock it.

Raising your bet amounts will fill up the meter faster, please keep in mind that the requirements for the Blast games are based on your previous game play, as well.


  • I purchased Extra Picks and the Blast is not opening.

You need to fill up the meter to open the Blast game. The Extra Picks can be used only when the meter is filled.