WSOP Album

What is the WSOP Album?

The WSOP Album contains 20 sets of 10 cards each – 9 regular cards, and 1 Legend Chip.

Each card has a rarity between 1 to 5 stars, with some being easier to find than others.

Every Legend Chip contains a unique video story of Phil’s journey in becoming a WSOP Legend. Just click on the Chips to watch it.

Your goal is to collect all the cards in the album to win amazing chips rewards!

WSOP Album

WSOP Album 1

WSOP Album 2

WSOP Album 3

How do I get packs?

Regular packs can be obtained by:

  • Playing cash games
  • Playing any game mode
  • Completing Star Quest Quests
  • Making a purchase
  • Picking an item in the pop game (applicable at events)
  • Playing a tournament
  • Make any purchase (Piggy included)

Legend Chip pack can be obtained by:

  • Playing daily blitz on MAX TIME (30 sec)
  • Reaching big milestones on the Star Quest season bar
  • Winning collectibles in special events (rings and bracelets)
  • Purchasing Special Offers (when applicable)

What is the Duplicate Center?

In Duplicate Center, you will be able to exchange your duplicate cards with valuable rewards!

Duplicates are extra cards of the same type from the available sets. Duplicates are shown in a set next to the respective card(s) with a +1,2,3, etc. next to them.

The rewards and trade requirements depend on your Club Rank and Playtika Status.

After a trade is made, there will be a 16 hour cooldown time until a new trade can be made.

WSOP Album 4

WSOP Album 5

For more information on the WSOP Album, feel free to click on the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left side of the WSOP Album screen:

WSOP Album 6

Gifting and Limited cards

Send your duplicate cards to other players at the table and make new friends!

How to send Album Card gifts 

During play, you will be presented with the option to send a duplicate card from your Album to one of the other players at the table, selected randomly. There is a set limit of how many cards you can gift in a day. Gifting Album Cards is currently available only on the mobile platforms.

WSOP Album 7

If you accept, the duplicate card will be removed from your Album and delivered to receiver’s inbox. Each gift you send comes with a Chips gift, find it in Inbox, Bonus tab.

Limited cards can only be gifted on specific days.

How to collect Album Card gifts

When you are on the receiving end of a gift, you will see a notification on the left side of the table

WSOP Album 8

Gifted Album Cards go to Inbox, ALBUM CARD GIFTS tab. Here, you can see all available gifts, timer until they expire and the daily limit of collect gifts.

Make sure to check this tab to not miss Album Card gifts before they expire

Is there a limited time to collect the WSOP Album packs?

Great question. The Album feature is here to stay. However, each album will be live for a certain amount of time. The third WSOP Album, Phil like a Legend, will end at the end of August, 2022.

WSOP Album 9