Clubs is a permanent game feature, which allows you to enjoy bigger benefits as you progress.

Your progression is determined by your wins, so all you need is your poker skills!

There are six Clubs (Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces, Masters and Grand Masters.), and each Club is subdivided into five ranks (I, II, III, IV, V).


Clubs 1


1.  How to rank up?

Win chips on cash tables, by winning tournaments or on the slot machine to move up in ranks. Fill the progress bar to get an instant Club rank upgrade.

2. How to maintain your rank?

Reach the Safety Threshold before the time runs out to avoid dropping down a Club rank.

The Safety Threshold is marked by a line in your Clubs progress bar, and a check-mark will appear as soon as you reach it.

You have 48 hours to reach the Safety Threshold, keep an eye on the timer!

3. What happens if you fail to do so?

If you do not reach the Safety Threshold within 48 hours, you will drop down a rank.

When the time is up, your progress bar will reset, regardless if you reached the Safety Threshold.

The timer will not restart until you log into the game again, therefore you don’t need to worry about continuously being demoted when you don’t access the game.


As soon as you reach the Aces Club, you get a new benefit called Club Safety. Club Safety limits the number of ranks you can fall back from your current one.

For example, if you reach the Aces Club, you can no longer fall below the Queen I rank.


Your benefits increase with each rank. You can review your benefits (and those for other ranks) in the game, by clicking on the My Club Portal button in the Lobby, and selecting the My Benefits tab.

You can always refer to the Help tab under My Club Portal for detailed information about Clubs.