Supersize is a permanent game feature that grants you a daily reward of Chips based on your wins in Cash Games, Slot Machine and Tournaments.

The more you play, the faster you can fill up your Vault.

The Supersize icon can be found in the Lobby next to the hourly bonus and at the tables in the top right-hand corner.

How to fill your Supersize Vault

Play and win Chips at cash tables, Tournaments & the Slot Machine (excluding free spins) and your vault will start to fill up.

Eligibility applies, make sure to check the table select screen for which tables you can earn chips in your Supersize vault.

The maximum amount of Chips you can get in your vault depends on your Clubs rank, higher Clubs have an increased cap.


Take notice of the timer shown when opening Supersize as the vault works on a daily cycle and resets each day at 10AM GMT.

Filling your Supersize vault before the timer expires will show the “Vault Full” message and you can no longer can accumulate Chips until the Supersize resets.

The amount of Chips you managed to accumulate in your vault by 10AM GMT will be sent to your inbox where you can claim your reward (every 24 hours).

Make sure to collect your Supersize reward every day as it will expire.

Supersize 1

Want even more Chips in your Vault? Go EXTREME!

Upgrade your vault in the store or through special offers, on eligible purchases and during selected time periods.

Going Extreme increases your vault’s cap and gives you a better return rate for a certain number of turns, for the current Supersize cycle. Turns are counted as:

  • 1 hand in cash games
  • 1 Slot Machine spin
  • 1 Tournament played

Supersize Extreme is added on top of your regular vault and you can check it the same way: in the Lobby next to the hourly bonus and at the tables in the top right-hand corner. As for the regular vault, eligibility applies when playing cash games, make sure to check in the table selection screen for which tables you can fill up your vault.

Remember that Supersize vault resets each day at 10AM GMT, even if you haven’t reached the cap or used all your turns. Make sure you take advantage of Supersize Extreme whenever you have it activated on your account, so you don’t miss out on rewards.

When Supersize resets and a new cycle begins, your reward will be sent to the inbox where you should claim it before it expires.

Can I purchase multiple Supersize Extreme vaults during the same cycle? Yes, you can! Each time you activate Supersize Extreme for the current cycle, your cap increases, and you receive the selected number of turns with a better return rate.