How to Mute an Abusive Player

Very easily! If you encounter a player whose chat messages are Abusive Player, you can mute that player without turning off chat for all your friends and poker buddies.

To mute an individual player, just click on their avatar, then click on the Mute Player button (crossed chat bubble).

You will no longer see any messages from this user, ever again.

If you muted someone by accident or if you would like to unmute a muted player, you can do that by clicking on the Unmute Player button (chat bubble with three dots).

Tap to mute a player

Abusive Player

To mute a player on web

How to Mute an Abusive Player 1

How do I report another player for Abusive Player?

We believe that all our players should be able to enjoy our game without feeling harassed.

If you feel that another player’s chat messages, profile picture or username are offensive or otherwise inappropriate, you can report them as follows:

  • Click or tap on their profile picture.
  • Click or tap on the Report Abuse button (small gavel).
  • Select the type of abuse (Profile Picture, Chat, Username or Other). You can check as many as you need.
  • Add some context in the message box if you want, it’s not mandatory.

We will address the issue for you!

How to Mute an Abusive Player 2

How to Mute an Abusive Player 3

For an instant resolution, you can mute a person instead of reporting them for chat.

To mute them, just click on their profile picture, and select the crossed chat bubble icon.

Players who are muted by many others will be centrally muted and they will not be able to send chat messages to anyone.

On web you will similarly report them from their profile: