How to Buy Chips From Facebook

To purchase chips on Facebook, open WSOP on

Once you are in the Lobby, click on the ‘Get Chips‘ button at the top:


The store will open with the available chips packages (depending on your current level and Playtika Rewards Status).

How to Buy Chips From Facebook 1

Once you select the package you would like to purchase, a new window will pop-up with the available payment options.

Payment options vary depending on which country you are in. You can refer to the available payment methods on Facebook in this article.

How to Buy Chips From Facebook 2

Select your payment method, fill out the required fields, then click ‘Buy’


Why am I unable to purchase chips?

Enabling In-App Purchases in Your Device Settings

Ensure that your device is set to allow In-App Purchases.

On your device’s homepage, go to Settings > General > Restrictions and check to see if In-App Purchases is set to “On”.

Once you’ve done this, reboot the WSOP app and it should work!

Internet Connection

Ensure that you’re connected to a strong wireless (wifi), 3G or 4G/LTE network before purchasing a package. This will prevent any disruptions in the purchase process.

Device Problem 

Many times issues with purchases can be fixed by restarting the device.

If you are still having trouble buying chips, please contact our Concierge Team with the following information:

  • Your WSOP ID
  • What device are you trying to purchase from?
  • Steps you take up until the issue occurs
  • Screenshot of your chips store
  • Screenshot of the error message you get (if any)
  • Can you make a purchase in other apps?

Can I ask you to block my purchase option?

We trying to give our players the most enjoyable experience. In order for our players to maximize their experience, they will have the option to make a purchase according to each player’s sole discretion.

You can most definitely play all of our games without spending any money. However, we can’t block the purchase option.

For more information about our Responsible Gaming policy and our self-exclusion option please refer to our Responsible Gaming Portal.

I purchased Chips/virtual items, but I don’t see them in my account.

Please wait for at least 10 minutes before contacting us regarding this matter as sometimes purchases are delayed and will automatically be credited following such period.

Please contact our support team and attach the applicable receipt/proof of purchase to your message for further instructions if you do not receive the items after ten minutes from purchasing.

How can I edit my Credit Card details?

Payments are processed by the app stores, WSOP does not store your card details. Please refer to the following articles about how to edit or remove your payment information:

iOS Google Play Amazon Facebook

What I make a purchase, do you hold my Credit Card information on file?

No, we do not hold any of our customers’ credit cards. The transactions are facilitated by the app store (Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and PayPal).

Good luck at the tables with your new stack!