Bracelet Points

Bracelet Points

Bracelet Points (BP) are awarded for every hand you win on Cash tables (not in tournaments). The higher the table stakes, the more BPs you can earn.

Fill up the BP bar to collect your next-in-line Collector’s Chips. Once you collect all the Collector’s Chips in a Collection, you will receive a Bracelet!

Roulette Bracelet is a special Bracelet Collection that can be earned by playing Texas or Omaha Roulette.

How can i earn Bracelet Points?

You earn Bracelet Points (BP) with every hand you win on a Texas or Omaha Roulette table.

The more hands you play, the higher your Roulette BP multiplier, the more BPs you get for each hand.

You need to collect all the Collector’s Chips in the Roulette Collection to receive a Bracelet.

You can see your progression towards the next Collector’s Chip in the BP Bar – you can find it in top right corner of the Roulette table buy-in screen and at the tables when you win a hand.

Only BPs earned at Roulette tables apply towards the Roulette Bracelet. Playing on a Roulette table you will only earn Roulette BPs, not regular BPs.

To earn a Bracelet, you need to collect all the Collector’s Chips in your active Collection. Collector’s Chips can be earned by collecting Bracelet Points (BP).

You get BPs for every hand you win at a Cash table (not in Tournaments). The BP Bar displays your progress towards the next Collector’s Chip.

The BP bar pops up at the table when you win a hand, and it is also displayed in the top left Corner of the Lobby and under your Profile.

Bracelet Points 1

Bracelet Points 2

Bracelet Points 3

To see how many Collector’s Chips you have collected and how many more are needed to receive a Bracelet, click on the Bracelet icon on the left side of the Lobby, or on the Collections button under your Profile.

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Bracelet Points 5