Team Gifts

Smells like team spirit!

If you thought Bingo Teams couldn’t possibly get any better, you’re in for a big surprise.

Team Gifts is here to make your teamwork even stronger and here’s how it works.

Team Gifts

Press the ‘Request’ button to ask for a Team Gift from your teammates, and watch the help pour in.

These Free Gifts can be requested every 23 hours by one of the team members.

Team Gifts 1

Team Gifts 2

Once five of them send ‘Help’ your way, all that’s left to do is to reap the rewards of your teamwork!

This means that your team needs to have a minimum of 6 members.

Team Gifts 3

Pro Tip: each user can have one Gift request at a time.

The Free Gifts will be random, and their size will depend on the team members’ level. Who doesn’t love a pleasant surprise?

Get 5 Helps from your Teammates for Free Gifts and make the most of BINGO Teams!