Shell Abration

ūüé∂ Under the sea, darling it‚Äôs better! ūüé∂

Our charismatic crustaceans come with some amazing rewards for you, in our newest feature.

Ride the wave to treasures of the deep blue sea in Shell Shell Abration!

Shell Abration

Here’s how it works.

Collect shells by playing Bingo in any Bingo room.

Once you have enough shells, choose a castle to enter and pick a shell. There will surely be some hidden treasure for you here.

See those Jackpot rewards? Those are the biggest ones you can find in each castle!

Each starfish you collect will help you fill up the bar and move on to the next level.

Each Round completed brings you even more rewards!

And don’t forget about the extra pick crab, which lets you choose once more, from the remaining crabs.

Take a dive and see what this beach party has in store for you!