Hot Air Balloon

Fly away to a world of fun in the Hot Air Balloon!

Here you can slide through all the Seasonal or Bonus Rooms in full view, so you always know all your available options.

Hot Air Balloon 1

Click the tabs to switch between Seasonal and Bonus Bingo Rooms.

Hot Air Balloon 2 Hot Air Balloon 3

If you take a closer look at each room, you’ll notice a convenient display on the bottom right showing how many Collection Items you’ve collected from that room! On the opposite side, you can see how many players are currently playing in that room.

Hot Air Balloon 4

We know you can’t wait to play. So, we made your wait shorter!

Clicking any of these room icons will directly open the Card selection screen inside that room.

Inside a Bingo Room: Card Selection Screen

Hot Air Balloon 5

When entering a Bingo Room in the new Bingo Blitz experience, you’ll find easier access to everything you need right from your Card selection screen.

Accept Friend Requests, collect gifts from Blitz Buds, or access the Bingo Store or Chef feature all without leaving your room!

You can now start or keep playing after completing any action you need.

No matter the Bingo Room you enter, your Lobby icons will always stay on your screen to ensure easy access to all parts of the game.

On the bottom of your screen, you’ll find more Lobby icons connecting you to (from left to right) your Friends Center, Bingo Teams, ongoing deals, Quests, ongoing events, and the Bingo Chef feature in the bottom left corner.

Now the map isn’t your only middleman when adventuring around Bingo Blitz!

Hot Air Balloon 6

Notice that your bottom icons become unclickable after selecting your Bingo Round Cards, so there is no need to worry about accidentally clicking out of your Bingo Room during gameplay!

Hot Air Balloon 7
At the top of your Card selection frame is a small indicator showing how many Collection Items you have in your Inventory for the room you’re in.
Now you can view your Inventory by clicking it or simply check your progress with a quick glance!
Hot Air Balloon 8
Click on your Inventory indicator to open your Inventory and view your Collection Items, missing Items, and duplicates.
Hot Air Balloon 9
Hot Air Balloon 10 Hot Air Balloon 11 Hot Air Balloon 12 Hot Air Balloon 13 Hot Air Balloon 14 Hot Air Balloon 15
After selecting your Cards, you will see your Card Boost level and the number of Cards picked at the bottom of your Card selection frame until the round starts.  Hot Air Balloon 16
In Seasonal Rooms, you can now see your mini-game progress opposite your chat to the right side of your Card selection screen.
Hot Air Balloon 17
Hot Air Balloon 18