Daubing Duels

Welcome to the challenge of a lifetime, Blitzers! It’s called the Daubing Duels.

Daubing Duels 1

You can now play against a single player in a battle of strategy, speed, and of course, luck.

Play BINGO in any room to collect Duel Tickets.

Pro tip: the higher the boost, the more Tickets you earn!

Daubing Duels 2

Next up, choose your Duel arena. This is going to be where the fun happens, so choose wisely! Your rewards are bigger and better, depending on where you play.

Daubing Duels 3

Watch the reels spin and see what could be in store for you.

Daubing Duels 4
Once you’ve been paired up with another player, it’s time to daub those numbers.

Make sure to keep your eyes on the meter and use the helpful power-ups to win faster!
Daubing Duels 5

Activate Jack-in-the-Box to instantly add up to three daubs on your card.

Daubing Duels 6

The Duck will temporarily block your opponent’s card.

Daubing Duels 7

Use the mallet to whack the moles and get some lucky Instant Daubs.

Daubing Duels 8

Collect trophies by winning Duels and get even more rewards along the way!

Daubing Duels 9

Don’t have this feature yet? That’s nothing to worry about!
We are taking our time to release it gradually, that way we are ensuring you have the smoothest possible experience!