Quest Saga

What is Quest Saga?

Quest Saga is a new mini-game feature. It is the successor of the Sloto Quest feature, and it is unlimited – meaning you could Quest for an unlimited time.

It gives you missions to complete and awards you with unique prizes.

In Quest Saga, you only need to complete one mission in a game, in order to move on to the next one.

You can choose your own path and effort as you explore new islands on the way to your ACE Cards.

How does Quest Saga work?

  • You start the feature in Island bay & click the first island to visit it.
  • The first game on every island will always be available to play.
  • Each machine has 3 challenges that award Stars.
  • Collect at least 1 star in a machine to unlock the next one,
  • Collect at least 1 star in every machine game on the island to unlock another island.
  • The Quest Saga resets with each new Album.

What do I do with the collected stars?

You collect stars to progress in the Quest Saga. They help you unlock new machines, islands, and locked gates that block your path to treasure chests.


Where can I see how many stars do I have?

You can see the number of Stars you’ve collected so far on the lower left corner.

Quest Saga

How many stars can I collect?

You can see the maximum number of stars you can collect on each island. You can collect up to 6 stars in each game.

Quest Saga 1

What’s the deal with the Mist?

You will notice that a mist covers part of the island. The mist will disappear slowly as you progress in Quest Saga.

The mist will be cleared completely once all machines are unlocked.


What can I win from the chests?

The chests award you with prizes and give you the chance to get Aces.

You can get a Coin prize, Game Mania, Roar to Score, Cards, the Despicable Wolf, Boosters or Ballinko Classic.

You can also win 4-Star or 5-star Ace cards on Ace Islands.


What is the Special Event Area?

The Special Event pirate ship will take you to special promotion islands when they will be available.

The rewards are different each time depending on the challenge. Keep in mind – they are for a limited time only.

Quest Saga 2