HoF Album

HoF Album

How do I play HoF Album?

Collect Card Packs by spinning in any game, by purchasing or as rewards in some of the ongoing challenges and promotions.

Higher bets increase your chance to win better Card Packs.

Fill your Card Sets and be rewarded after each completed set.

After all the Card Sets are completed, you will receive the Grand Prize.

What happens to my duplicate cards?

All the duplicates will go to your Star Market.

In the Star Market, you can personally choose from the available Rewards, depending on the number of Stars that you have.

Types of Cards Packs:

There are up to 4 cards in a pack.

The number of stars on a pack indicates at least 1 guaranteed card of this rarity.


How to get Lucky Cards?

Lucky Cards can be found in several ways:

  • Randomly, by spinning
  • By completing some Challenges
  • From some Special Offers
  • From the Star Market, when available


What is the Joker Card?

Joker Cards are Cards that, once used, allow you to randomly get one of the Cards in the Set that you choose to use it on.

This will always be a New Card – and never a Duplicate!


What is the Super Joker Card?

The Super Joker is the only card that lets you choose which missing card you want to receive. They are the ultimate way to complete your Album!

Super Jokers can be obtained by:

  • By completing some Challenges
  • From some Special Offers
  • From the Star Market


What is the Fun Card?

Collect Fun Cards to complete Sets.

Every Fun Card gives you the Triple Fun Wheel as a reward – Spin for Prizes!

Fun Cards can be obtained by:

  • By completing some Challenges
  • As a Reward in the Crown Rush

What is the Bonus Set?

When active, the Bonus Set is a great way to earn more Coins and Rewards for your Album!

Collect all the Bonus Cards and complete the picture before time runs out.

! You don’t have to complete the Bonus Set to finish the Album !

Bonus Cards come in special Bonus Packs – the number of Stars on the pack indicates the maximum rarity of the Bonus Card it contains.

You can get Bonus Packs by Spinning in any game, completing Bonus Challenges or in Special Purchase Offers.

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