Crystal Pass

Crystal Pass

About the Crystal Pass

Crystal Pass grants you extra rewards as you progress through the Weekly Rush.

When you activate Crystal Pass, you instantly unlock the Premium rewards on the Weekly Rush Trail.

Complete Daily Rush missions in order to get Medals and reach new Milestones!

The Crystal Pass is only available through in-game purchase. It expires at the end of each Weekly Rush.

Crystal Pass Rewards:

In additional to free trail rewards, Crystal Pass gives you:

  • Fun Card Packs
  • Wheels of Triumph
  • Joker Cards
  • Lucky Packs
  • Hefty Coins Rewards

(extra rewards may vary from week to week with each Rush Weekly Challenge)

If you’re not sure about purchasing, you can always purchase it until the Weekly Rush ends.

Unlocking Crystal Pass after you progress on the trail will give you all the reached milestones’ rewards, retroactively.

Get 1,000 Medals to unlock the last reward.

Frequently Asked Question


Oh no! I didn’t receive my Crystal Pass:

If you’ve unlocked the Crystal Pass and you didn’t yet receive the rewards for the milestones you already achieved, we recommend refreshing the HoF app and then opening the Daily Rush widget.

If you still didn’t receive it even though you refreshed the app, contact support through the chat option or email.


Oh no! I can’t purchase the Crystal Pass:

House of Fun is only the receiving end of a purchase, purchases are made through Purchasing Platforms (eg: Google Play; Apple iTunes)

If you find yourself not being able to purchase the Crystal Pass due to an error, please, visit which is our official HOF Platform and after logging in with your credentials, give it another try over there.