Disco Star

Disco Star

What is the Disco Star?

Purchase your Tickets to enter the Dance Floor and win Big Jackpots.


How do I play?

  • Get Disco spins by purchasing Tickets from Select Offers
  • Give it a SPIN and enjoy the House of Fun Disco Party
  • DANCE to the sound of hitting the Grand Prize

How to Increase your Jackpot?

Any purchase that contains Disco Star Spins will increase your Jackpot size automatically.

Disco Star 1

  • Each purchase that awards tickets will increase the Grand Prize
  • Take advantage of all the extra rewards that can be found on the Dance Floor


Where can I find my tickets?

Disco Star 2

Tickets obtained by purchasing from Cashier, Inbox Offers or Pop-up Offers will go directly to the Disco Star widget.

Tickets obtained from Piggy Bank, Bundle Offers, or Wheels of Triumph will be found in the inbox, and after being claimed they will fly to Disco Star Widget.