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How to Earn 1 Million Free Chips By Inviting Friends Playing Double Down Casino - The Game Reward

How to Earn 1 Million Free Chips By Inviting Friends Playing Double Down Casino

Playing DoubleDown Casino is a Fun and Entertaining kind of online activity. Many people tend to play this game in their free time after a stressful day they had. But did you know that playing DoubleDown Casino is way better and more exciting to play with friends? That’s Because you can get up to 1 Million chips for free by just inviting your friends to play. You can also send or receive gifts and bonuses with your friends and earn more exciting rewards instantly. You can invite your friends via mobile or desktop, and it’s working perfectly fine.

Invite your Friends Now! Because you can no longer spin the wheel or place a bet if you are running out of chips. To collect a lot of free chips will take too much time and effort. The good thing is, you are now capable of collecting those amounts by inviting some of your friends to play with you. It’s a faster and more convenient way to earn a vast amount of chips in the game.

When you are in the gift section of the game, there’s an option where you can see a list of all your Facebook Friends.

You can now choose some of your friends on Facebook that you want to invite.

You can add as much as you can to play. Click the Invite Friends button.

After clicking the Invite Friends button, a message prompt will appear confirming the list of friends you invited.

When you are in the dashboard list, click the Send Request button to continue.

When your friends used the invitation link you sent to them, you can receive 1,000,000 chips for free.



This is important, in oder to receive the reward, the friends you’ve invited must click the invitation link from Facebook, and Accept the invitation, and install the DoubleDown Casino App using your Link.

Make sure that your friends will use the Link that you sent to receive the bonus and rewards. For each friend that plays and uses app, you can also get another free chips bonus in the daily spin of every friend you invited.

The more friends you invited, the more chip bonus you may receive every day. You can also send or receive gifts with your friends to earn more exciting rewards.

You cannot receive the 1 Million Chips for the following reasons:

  • Your friend had already installed and played the game.
  • Your friend had already uninstalled the app, then reinstalled it.
  • Your friend downloaded the game without using your invitation link.

But don’t worry there’s also a way on How to Earn More Free Chips in DoubleDown Casino not by inviting friends.

When your friends followed all the instructions, and still you didn’t receive the 1 Million Chip Bonus, you can contact the game’s support team and submit a report. Enjoy and have fun playing the DoubleDown Casino and earn as many chips much as you can by just inviting all your friends out there to play together.