How to Earn More Free Chips in DoubleDown Casino


There are many ways to earn more free chips by playing a game like DoubleDown Casino.

Having many chips can make a significant impact on the game.

For example, you can play anytime you want, and you can spin any wheel anytime you want.

You can share or invite your friends anytime you want with the use of these in-game chips.

You can have fun anytime you want in the game, and that’s why many players are looking for ways to earn or collect free chips instantly.

The primary goal of DoubleDown Casino is to make all their players happy and satisfied, and they are very well known for a user-friendly type of facebook video game.

They always make sure that the game has plenty of ways to earn or collect free chips.

Here are the 4 ways on How to Earn More Free Chips in DoubleDown Casino

  • Daily Wheel Spin

Every time you play the game, you have the chance to spin, and it’s called “Daily Wheel Spin” and get the opportunity to win more chips every single day. All you have to do is to log in to the game daily so that you are now able to receive more chips by just spinning. Now If you are a Diamond Club Member, you have the privilege to earn bigger chips bonuses in the Daily Wheel Spin.

Having an active “Booster” too can also help you to make more chip bonuses. Boosters can give the user an extra spin daily to spin in “Daily Wheel” 2x a day. Please take note that you can only use Daily Wheel Spin every sixty minutes.

  • Play and Share Gifts

In this method, you can share and play with your friends to win an extra spin in Daily Wheel Spin. Every day you can send and receive gifts from your friends to earn additional chips. You can redeem up to 3 gifts from your friends every day to get a different spin in the Daily Wheel Spin.

Diamond Club members can also redeem more gifts every day and earn a higher amount of chips daily. Playing with friends in DoubleDown Casino is more fun than playing alone, where you can also win free chips.

  • Like and Follow

In this step, you can watch them on their social media accounts to earn more chips and bonuses. Being updated to all news or promotions of the DoubleDown Casino is a great chance to make more free chips. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be updated on their upcoming events and giveaways. DoubleDown Casino is constantly posting or announcing their latest news and updates about the game, where you can also redeem promotional codes to earn extra chips.

  • Subscribe

The last part of this guide is to subscribe to their promotional newsletter. Connect your Facebook account to DoubleDown Casino so that you can subscribe to their promotional newsletter. You can also register on their official website if you don’t have a Facebook Account to use.


Be careful with all Malicious Websites and fake Facebook Accounts that offer promotional links. 

Actually, we have an article about that it’s called DoubleDown Casino Safety and Tips. 

Please take a look so that you may know the danger because they might steal all your data and information in the game. 

Follow only the official Facebook and Twitter accounts to have a safe gaming experience. 

By the way, once you use an unregistered or what they call a “Guest Account,” click the “Contact Our Customer Experience Team” to subscribe. 

Would you please email them at if you have any trouble or issues getting all the chips?