How to Play Sots

How to Play Sots 1

The best part about playing your favorite slots online at DoubleDown Casino is that it’s free! To start, enter DoubleDown Casino through Facebook on a desktop computer or use the DoubleDown Casino app if you’re on a mobile device. Sign in as a guest, or create an account through Facebook or by signing up with your email.

We recommend creating an account so you can easily play DoubleDown Casino across different devices without losing progress. The first time in the casino each day, you’ll spin the Daily Wheel for free chips, and then you’re free to peruse our selection of slots and choose the ones that look the most fun to you!



Paylines are the lines symbols must land on to trigger a win. They usually start on the leftmost reel and go across the other reels, ending on the rightmost reel. If you were playing a classic 3-reel slot with one payline, the payline would be the line that goes directly across the middle of all three reels. To win big with this type of payline, you have to land three lucky symbols in the center of the reels.

However, not all paylines are perfectly straight lines, and not all slots have only one payline. A slot may have a payline that runs diagonal from the bottom position of reel one all the way to the top position in reel 5. You can see each slot’s paylines by reading the slot’s paytable. At DoubleDown Casino, some slots have over 1,000 different paylines, giving you a higher chance of spinning up a win!


The bet shown at the bottom of each slot is your total bet for each spin. The total bet is the amount that will be deducted from your chip balance each time you spin, and that amount will be divided by how many paylines are active on the reels. For example, if your bet was 10,000 chips and the slot has 5 active paylines, you would be betting 2,000 chips per payline.

When one of your paylines awards a win, the win would multiply your line bet by how much the winning symbol combination was worth. If you bet 2,000 chips on a line and the winning symbol combination awards 10x your bet, you would win 20,000 chips. You can increase and decrease your bet by clicking the plus and minus buttons next to the total bet amount at the bottom of a slot.


Scatters are a type of symbol that can land on the reels. They are unique because they usually award something special, like a bonus round, and they don’t have to land on a payline to trigger. Scatters can be in any position on the reels, and as long as you get the necessary number of Scatters in a single spin, you will receive the Scatter reward.


Wilds are another type of special symbol you may find on a slot. When a Wild lands on the reels, it will substitute for most of the other symbols. That means a payline full of Wilds, for example, would award the payout of the highest symbol that can be substituted. Some Wilds can also behave in unique ways, like expanding to fill a reel, staying sticky during respins, or moving around the reels with each spin. Wilds are pretty wild!

Bonus Games

What makes each slot unique is the bonus features that can be awarded from certain symbol combinations. The most common feature you will find on a slot is free spins, where the reels will spin for a set number of spins at your total bet without deducting anything from your chip balance.

There are many types of bonus games, a lot of which are unique to each slot. Some slots may have respin bonuses, or some may have pick bonuses. Knowing which bonuses you like is a good way to determine which slots you’ll enjoy.