Roar to Score

How can I win the Roar to Score mini-game?  

The main channels that will offer the Roar to Score (Silver Lion Hero) mini-game are the completion of some of the Super Dash missions, the Dash bar and Dash Max.

Roar to Score

How to play and what can I win?  

When the mini-game starts, you will notice a countdown:

Tap the button as fast as you can before the time runs out in order to collect coins & gems and increase your chances to get the Royal Roar.


What is the Royal Roar and how can I win the Jackpot?  

Hitting the button as fast as you can, will randomly make Silver Lion give a mighty roar.

Each time it roars, tiles will break and fall off the Aztec wall on top of your screen.

Extra prizes lay hidden beneath the tiles: break the tiles covering them and collect the rewards!

Reveal the Jackpot completely and win all the prizes!

What is Roar for More? 

Help your Lion get his wings!

You can play Roar to Score for free and then choose to purchase the Roar for More mini-game for extra prizes!

Your Aztec wall progress will continue from where you left off in the free mini-game, so if you haven’t won the Jackpot already – this will give you the extra chance to uncover it!


Is my progress towards the Jackpot saved for the next mini-game?  

The progress resets after every mini game.

The only exception is when you purchase Roar for More after playing Roar to Score:

The Aztec wall progress & tiles that fell off it, will continue from where you left off: once the timer runs out, the progress will reset.