Daily Dash

  • What is new in the Daily Dash?

The new Daily Dash is here, and it offers more than ever! The new look comes with more rewards for your Dash challenges and new perks.

You can now take on an unlimited number of Dash challenges and collect more rewards.


  • I don’t see the Dash Bar anymore, where is it?

The Daily Dash Bar is now measured in seasons and one season can last from 2 to 4 weeks.

The Bar with the total number of Dash Points has been changed and you can now see how many Points you need to reach the next Dash Prize!

The Dash Bar Prizes can be reached by collecting the required number of Dash points, which can be checked here:

Daily Dash

  •  What happens if I collect more Dash Points than needed to fill the Dash Bar?

Don’t worry, the additional Dash Points will be added to your next prize requirements.

For example, if you have 55/60 Dash Points and you complete another Dash that gets you 15 Dash Points, the 10 extra Points will be counted for the next week’s Dash Bar prizes


  • What is Super Dash?

The Super Dash consists of a series of challenges and you can complete as many as you can before it expires.

It is available for 24-72h and you can play it simultaneously with the Daily Dashes. Once you completed a Super Dash, a new Super Dash will pop right after.

The rewards are similar to the ones for the Daily Dashes. Super Dashes can be reset using gems.

  • What is the Dash Max?

If you choose to purchase the Dash Max, you get:

– extra Milestone Rewards on the Dash Bar

– Milestone Zero Reward – before you even get to work your way to the first Milestone Reward, you can collect a prize

– Season Safe

– Season Benefits that will be available until the season ends

– A lot of other prizes, such as gems and booster and even more Sloto Cards including Wild Cards!!


  • What is Season Safe and how can I collect it?

You reach the Season Safe when you complete the Dash Bar. Extra Dash Points collected by finishing the Daily Dashes and multiple Super Dashes will be stored in the Safe and when the Seasons ends, they will be converted into a coins prize for you to collect! However, the Season Safe can only be claimed with the Dash Max purchase.


  • What happens if I do not collect the prizes on the Dash Bar?

If you did not collect a prize from the Dash Bar, it will be sent in your Gift Box when the next day’s Dash challenges arrive.

The gifts expire in 30 days from your Gift Box.


  • My game crashed before I could collect the Dash reward, how do I claim it?

No worries, the Dash rewards will be waiting for you in the arena to collect them when you open the game again.

Go to the Daily Dash section and the prize will be there.