Level Rush Rally

What is Level Rush Rally?

Level Rush Rally is a new exciting feature that helps you get better prizes as you level up while racing against time.

It includes 3 checkpoints – by completing each checkpoint, you upgrade the grand Ballinko prize that you’ll receive at the end of the challenge.

Each checkpoint may offer different requirements and difficulty based on your gameplay.

Level Rush Rally

How does Level Rush Rally work?

You must level up in the given time to complete a checkpoint.

After completing checkpoint #1, you’ve guaranteed yourself Ballinko as a prize, even if you lose the rally later on.

After each completed checkpoint, you get to choose whether to quit the rally with your current Ballinko or keep going.

Each checkpoint grants you XP boosters before you continue to the next one.


Can I play the Ballinko later?

Yes, you can choose to play it right after completing the rally or later from your Gift Section.

It will have a different icon and will state from what checkpoint it was won. It will be found at the top.

What happens if I fail a checkpoint?

Depending on how far you’ve progressed, you may get an offer allowing you to use Gems for extra time for the current checkpoint.

Meaning you’ll have a chance to keep going!

If you decide not to take the offer, you will lose the rally & the prizes you’ve won so far. However, you’ll still get the Ballinko of checkpoint #1 (if completed).


What is the upgraded Ballinko?

The upgraded Ballinko has better prizes like Shiny Cards, more coins, green buckets (higher value), extra sphere balls, more buckets with Game Manias & more. The prizes may vary based on current promotions.


How is Level Rush Rally different from Level Rush?

  • Level Rush Rally has 3 checkpoints & allows more choice – take your foot off the gas or keep spinning to complete the next challenge!
  • Level Rush Rally offers an upgraded Ballinko which can be won nowhere else.
  • An XP Booster is given after completing checkpoint #2 and #3.
  • You may enjoy the opportunity to continue your game with Gems in case you fail.