HoF Glory

HoF Glory

What is HoF Glory?

HoF Glory is a Tournament in which you can compete against other players and earn prizes.

How do I play?

HoF Glory 1

Join the Tournament, collect Glory Points by completing Challenges, move up the Leaderboard and win Top Prizes.

Please note that the placement is dynamic and you can move up or down the Leaderboard according to how many Glory Points you have someone else in your group has.

How to collect Glory Points?

  • Collect Crowns
  • Get a Big Win, Album Packs, Jokers & Super Jokers
  • Win above a certain amount of Coins

How to get Rewards?

Earn Glory points and compete against 30 players – the higher you place on the Leaderboard, the bigger your reward.

  • Places 1-3: Coins and Album goodies
  • Places 4-15: Coins

There are 7 groups and the Rewards increase the more the group spins.

*Please note that the Rewards are awarded at the end of the feature.

For more information press the “i” button.